Brooklyn Heights 1958

This is a photograph of my  grandmother, with her eldest son John, in Brooklyn in 1958. They had just recently immigrated to the United States from England. 

My grandmother loved this apartment on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. “It was very arty in those days,” she once told me, about the neighborhood.

Of course she put a lounge chair on the fire-escape so she could sit in the sun. She was a beach bum at heart (like me), and loved sunshine, which she said seemed so abundant to her when she first came here from England.

She was 50 when this photo was taken, divorced, struggling to get by, to make a new life, and still grieving the loss of her two eldest daughters in a car crash. But she looks pretty pleased in this photo. She was definitely one to appreciate the small pleasures of life. Like a lounge chair on a fire-escape on a sunny day.

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