The ship she sailed here on

I recently discovered that my mother came to the United States from England on the SS Ile de France.

She was a 19 year old nanny, traveling with an American family in 1950, when she crossed the Atlantic on what was one of the most beautifully decorated luxury liners of its time.

Soon after its launch in 1927 the Ile de France became popular among stylish, youthful, and famous people.

During WWII it ferried troops and war supplies. After the war it was refurbished to it’s former glory, and I’m glad to know my mother made the journey here on such a nice ship – a fact I discovered while researching family history on Ancestry.

Unfortunately, the Ile de France met a sorry end. After the development of jet travel, she was sold and used as a prop in the 1960 disaster movie “The Last Voyage.” What a shame.


Here’s a photo of my mother with her mother, just before she left England in 1950

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