Marie’s TWA timetable

This is the TWA flight timetable my mom, Marie, had with her when she flew from Michigan to California to pick me up,  following the accident that killed my biological mother and my aunt.  

Marie has doodled on this timetable, perhaps out of nervous anticipation, and I guess the red stain to be spilled nail polish. Marie has also written the address of her brother, Tom, on it.  He lived in Racita, California, and she visited him after the funeral in San Jose, which I know only because of a photo.  

It never occurred to me until today to google that address.  The 4 bedroom house, built in 1954, is now worth $500,000, and has trees, bushes, and flowers in its front yard, unlike the photo I have of it when it was new, with nothing growing around it.

I also googled ” TWA timetable,” and found whole sites devoted to vintage airline timetables.  (In good condition, this one would go for about 10 bucks on Ebay.) 

I think my mom saved this timeline because it must have been the first time she flew on an airplane, a big deal in those days, and certainly a significant trip. I found it at the bottom of the window seat in her bedroom with a lot of other miscellaneous stuff, and I value it as a relic, an object from a pivotal moment in my life. 

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