Some things that Mary said

This photo of my grandmother, Mary Preston, was taken in Miami Beach in 1960.  

She worked as a hotel desk clerk then.

“There was a season in Florida in those days.  People only came for the winter.  You had to make as much as you could, and then we spent the summers on the Jersey shore.”  

“I never planned my life,” she once said. “It just happened.” 

“I never worry.  I’ve been through the most appalling things.  But I’ve just made the best of it.  I’ve just gotten on with it.”

“Children are not with you very long.”

 “The tragedy of life is all the things you never asked your parents.” 

“People spend a lot of money on medications, I’d rather go to the movies.” 

You can read more about Mary, me, and the search for my father in my memoir, Almost Home

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