Elizabeth Regina

I inherited this commemorative coat pin from my British grandmother.  She stood on the street in London the day of  the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and watched the royal carriage go by. 

When my grandmother gave me this pin, probably sometime in the 1990s, I asked her what ER stood for. “Elizabeth Regina,” she explained. “Regina is Latin for Queen.” She then, no doubt, launched into some story about the monarchy as my eyes glazed over. 

I put the pin in my jewelry box, and there it has been since, only occasionally admired. But now, after recently watching two seasons of the Netflix series The Crown, I have taken it out, polished it, and put it on display in my home office where I can see it every day. 

I have become a Anglophile, which would have certainly delighted my grandmother. She would have loved The Crown, and I’m sorry I can’t talk with her about it.   

I suppose I will hand this pin down to my granddaughter someday, and I hope she will consider it a treasure. I like to think of it being in her jewelry box in 2053.

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