20160909_192952Hilary Harper is the author of Almost Home, a memoir about the search for her unknown father, in spite of impossible odds.

Hilary’s search took nearly ten years, a time during which she wrote Almost Home and earned her  MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte.

While writing Almost Home, Hilary discovered there is not an adequate synonym for the word “identity.” She also discovered the richness of persistent memory, and how doggedly determined she can be in the pursuit of a whole story.

Hilary supports the adoptee rights movement and promotes the use of genetic genealogy to locate relatives. She leads writing workshops, researches family history,and takes photographs in Metro Detroit, where she lives with her wife, Beth.

Are you my cousin?

Hilary’s ancestral surnames are:  Preston, Hadley, Dreaper, Rowe, Ogden, Wyatt, Nolan, Forbes, Antle, Bray, Locker, Hein, Cox, Beresford, Massy, Mountford, Fitzsimon, Gerraghty, Falconer, Houghton, Ford, Jetson, Keogh, Marshall, Buchannan, Jones, and Jewell.

Hilary’s estimated ancestral heritage is:   Ireland 52%  Great Britain 14%  Finland 5%  Eastern European 2%  Scandinavian 2%

Her maternal Haplogroup is Kla4d

Her GedMatch number is A642800