Almost Home

almosthome3d“The knowledge lurked on the periphery of my consciousness like a half-remembered dream.”

Orphaned as an infant, Hilary Harper was taken in by distant relatives who let her believe they were her parents. When she discovered the truth, at the age of twelve, she tried to pretend nothing had happened, but everything had changed.

A literary memoir, with the absorbing appeal of mystery, Almost Home examines the longing for an authentic identity and the role of family history in the shaping of the self.

“The prose is one of the book’s great strengths.  The writing is clean, crisp, and will have readers turning pages.”   –  The BookLife Prize

“I am enriched by having read this story; it’s an important one for women, and, clearly, anyone searching for their roots.”   –  Erin Wilcox, writer and editor

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