Summer 1967


This photo of me and my best friend Kathy was taken in the summer of 1967 in Silver Lake, Michigan. We are sitting in a dune-buggy, wearing our matching Snoopy sweatshirts, and I am holding my mom’s chihuahua. 

This was the summer following my discovery that my parents were not my parents; the summer […]

Some things that Mary said

This photo of my grandmother, Mary Preston, was taken in Miami Beach in 1960.  

She worked as a hotel desk clerk then.

“There was a season in Florida in those days.  People only came for the winter.  You had to make as much as you could, and then we spent the summers on the […]

Marie’s TWA timetable

This is the TWA flight timetable my mom, Marie, had with her when she flew from Michigan to California to pick me up,  following the accident that killed my biological mother and my aunt.  

Marie has doodled on this timetable, perhaps out of nervous anticipation, and I guess the red stain to be spilled […]

Hollywood 1933

My father claimed to have worked as a stand-in for Clark Gable, and this photo makes me believe that might have been true. There are no other photos of him wearing clothes like this, especially not leather gloves and a walking stick. “Hollywood 1933” is written on the back of this photo, and I wonder […]