Elizabeth Regina

I inherited this commemorative coat pin from my British grandmother.  She stood on the street in London the day of  the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and watched the royal carriage go by. 

When my grandmother gave me this pin, probably sometime in the 1990s, I asked her what ER stood for. […]

Some things that Mary said

This photo of my grandmother, Mary Preston, was taken in Miami Beach in 1960.  

She worked as a hotel desk clerk then.

“There was a season in Florida in those days.  People only came for the winter.  You had to make as much as you could, and then we spent the summers on the […]

The ship she sailed here on

I recently discovered that my mother came to the United States from England on the SS Ile de France.

She was a 19 year old nanny, traveling with an American family in 1950, when she crossed the Atlantic on what was one of the most beautifully decorated luxury liners of its time.


Brooklyn Heights 1958

This is a photograph of my  grandmother, with her eldest son John, in Brooklyn in 1958. They had just recently immigrated to the United States from England. 

My grandmother loved this apartment on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. “It was very arty in those days,” she once told me, about the neighborhood.

Of course she put […]