Manuscript Evaluations


It’s nice if your best friend or significant other volunteers to review your manuscript, but taking them up on the offer is not recommended. They might be too kind, or too tough, or simply not know what to say.

The ideal person to review your work is someone who is also a writer, familiar with your genre, highly recommended, and who will give you an unbiased, insightful assessment.

Hilary Harper specializes in helping writers of memoir and personal essays shape their life experiences into polished, engaging prose. After earning her MFA in creative non-fiction in 2010, she began leading memoir workshops in the Metro Detroit area, and works with local writers on an individual basis.

She now offers her services online.

What an evaluation includes

Each evaluation includes:

  • a two-page (minimum) report detailing what works and what needs improvement
  • comments in the margins of the manuscript pages.
  • Hilary will highlight the most engaging passages of your work, and offer suggestions for strengthening the less engaging passages. Her comments will focus on clarity, consistency, structure, dialogue, and details.
  • She will also point out issues pertaining to grammar, spelling, and usage.

Hilary believes that memoir writing should be a journey, in which the deepest truths of a story are discovered along the way. She enjoys helping writers reveal these truths and tell their stories as competently and eloquently as possible.

Happy Clients

“Hilary is an exceptional teacher and mentor.  Her Critiques are thorough; she is pointed and explanatory in her commentary and encouraging in her suggestions.”  – Sandra Karolak

“I have learned much in the way of craft from her extensive critiques,”  – Nadia Ibrashi

“Her feedback was tremendously helpful. I respect her as a writer and a teacher and know I can always count on her to provide the advice I need to improve.”  – Tina Doepker

“Her suggestions helped me polish what I do best, and identify what needs improvement.”  – Diane Werkerle

“Hilary is passionate about the art and craft of writing.”  – Kim Kozlowski



Reviewing can be done electronically, or by post.

Electronic reviews will be done with Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature.

If using postal mail, the writer will be charged postage for the return of the manuscript.


  • Times New Roman
  • 12 point font
  • 1 inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • Numbered pages
  • Microsoft Word format only

*Work that is not properly formatted will not be accepted.


  • 1 – 59 pages ………    $3 a page
  • 60 – 80 pages ………    $200 flat fee
  • 81 – 250 pages………$2.50 a page
  • 10 pages = $30
  • 25 pages = $75
  • 50 pages = $150
  • 75 pages = $200
  • 100 pages = $250
  • 150 pages = $375
  • 200 pages = $500
  • 250 pages = $625

Payment is accepted through Pay Pal or by check.

How to get started

Send me a message telling me about your writing project and we’ll go from there.