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If you want to know more about DNA testing or have questions about genealogy, I can help.


DNA testing is frequently used by those of unknown parentage to find their biological relatives. It is also used by genealogists to help complete family trees, and by those who are curious about where their ancestors came from.

But what is DNA testing, what do the results mean, and how do you understand it all?

If you don’t know which DNA test to take, which company to use, or how to interpret your results, I can help.

  • I successfully used DNA tests to find my paternal family. With zero information about my biological father to start with, I was able to use a combination of DNA test results, genealogical records found online, and my tenacious detective skills to find my family.
  • My other success stories include finding the biological parents of an adoptee through the use of his non-identifying information and a DNA test.  This search was completed in just one week after getting the DNA results.
  • Even if you think you know your family story, combining advanced DNA science with family history can yield amazing results.


I can also help with  genealogical research. I have uncovered many fascinating family stories by researching my own family tree and the family trees of friends and relatives.

I recently found the long unknown half-siblings of an elderly woman through genealogy research.

And that’s just the beginning….  I’d love to add your success story to my list of achievements.

How it works:

My services are affordable and strictly confidential.

Contact me and we’ll go from there.